This 'Cousins' short was produced as an excerpt for a feature film in (pre-development) entitled 'The Sac Fly'.

This scene is a flashback which takes place in 1968, where Levi and Lamont are discussing a recent racial incident.


Backstory: Lamont working as a piano tuner at a music store encounters a white woman who has walked in to purchase an item. Unknowingly she hears the piano playing inside the music store and is moved by music she hears. When taking a closer look she discovers it is Lamont playing the piano. She is disturbed by this revelations and wonders why Joe (the music store owner who is also white) would hire a black person to work at his store. The lady hurriedly leaves the music store, leaving behind the item she had just purchased. Lamont runs after the lady to give her the item left behind when a small group of white youths notices Lamont running to catch the lady in which they decide to pursue him. Lamont reaches the lady in an alley way crossing but is jumped on by the white youths and dragged into the alley. Lamonts hand ends up being broke deliberately in the scuffle.

Levi, who is Lamonts cousin (and very fair skinned) is a Baseball prodigy. He hears of Lamont's situation and decides to take matters in his own hands. He decides to take out his vengeance on some white folk of his own, whether they are innocent or not. Because in his eyes 'all white folks are guilty'. 

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