THE SAC FLY - short film version

Director:  JA Williams

Screenwriter:  JA Williams

Genre:  Drama




A  young black child's life rests in the hands of an old racists man.

'The Say Fly' (short film version) was a FINALIST at the International Family Film Festival. It has since gained much interest into producing into a feature length film. We are currently in the process of raising funds to make this independent project a reality. The projected budget for the film is $300,000, a modest budget when compared to the average film budget in Hollywood. Yet the heart and soul of this film's endeavor is far more  valuable than its production price. The heart and soul of HUMANITY through this  feature version of The Sac Fly sets to pave an avenue to help reach people and impact our impact our future.




Director:  JA Williams

Screenwriter:  JA Williams

Genre:  Drama/Family


Simon is a young man, bullied and confronted with decisions which may keep him as an emotional hostage or he can seek freedom from it by going against his nature to repay, and thus pardon.


Director:   JA Williams

Screenwriter:  JA Williams

Genre:  Family


Palms tells the story of Solomon, a foster child in search of a forever home. His journey is filled with ups and downs as he searches for his heart.  The story has a personal meaning to the Director. In 2010, he and his wife adopted a little boy who was in foster care.  His story was one too often untold. With approximately over 500,000 children currently in foster care it was time a story such as theirs be told. From there, 'Palms' was born. Palms won wonderful reviews from national foster care organizations and was shown at the annual convention of the Southern California CASA's (Court Appointed Special Advocates), a national non-profit organization that provides court advocates for children in foster care. Palms also won Best Short Film at the 2013 International Film Festival.







Director:  JA Williams

Screenwriter:  JA Williams

Genre:  Drama/ In Development/ Pitch


The Monarch's Whisper tells the story of a young man's journey on the last day of his life. His decision to end his life comes a few years after returning home from serving his country and finding himself unable to deal with daily life. The film takes us on his journey as he meets others who help him make a decision that will last a lifetime.


Director:  JA Williams

Screenwriter:  F. Greer Williams

Genre:  Drama


Base on the true life of George Polgreen Bridgetower. The story begins when a young white Countess receives a letter informing her of her father’s demise. When she discovers the race of the man who claims to be her father she sets out to prove that she is not the offspring of a black man. In her adventure, she uncovers the life of man who was a child prodigy. As a teen, he lived with the Prince of Wales and as an adult, he befriended the master himself, Beethoven. His miraculous and wonderful life ends alone and in obscurity, yet his love for the music lives on. The story of the Abyssinian Prince will prove what a person of African descent can accomplish if he is not excluded based on his color or heritage.  








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