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THE SAC FLY (short film) - "A young black child's life falls into the hands of an old racist man."

The journey of this short film was inspired by a true story. As a result of its inspiration this short film was written and produced (and directed) by JA Williams, with the intent of one day developing it into a feature film. It is the vision of Raking Leaves Production to produce this film by summer of 2021. 

RLP Films is seeking productional assistance in developing this present short film into a feature film (or parts-series). To reach humanity, where the struggle for acknowledging each other as human still 'doing unto others' have been reduced to only are mere words in a Holy book.  

There is a PRIVATE LINK (pitch) upon request for more information about me, the film, its origin, and how a production studio or private party may be interested in engaging in further discussion about possible participation in the development and production of this film.


Please go to the contact page on this site to reach me directly, and thank you.


JA Williams (Deep), Creative Director

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