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Hank Wilson is an old racist. He doesn't hide it, he doesn't care who knows it and he wears it with pride. But Hank wasn't always like this. As a child in the 50’s, he was the kid who would stick up for those who did not like himself. He just wanted to play baseball with kids in the neighborhood, on the sandlot in the park made for 'everyone'. His mother taught him to never see the color of a person’s skin but to see their heart, to have faith in God and to hold true to those values all his life. But the racial climate of the times and the pressures of adult influences world will challenge Hank and as a result Hank begins to see things differently. The racial divide widens as Hank, his best friend Jeb, and two other black kids along with others begin to experience new challenges in a small town where their skin has been etched into the culture, supported and encouraged by the adults in their respective worlds.

The Sac Fly is a film that tells the story of how and why so many people abandon the innocent child within them. The script is inspired by real life events in which a person had to make a desperate decision. Hank is also faced to make a decision about someones life, a 'kin of another skin'. Can Hank live with the decision he makes, remaining true to the child he once was or the man he has become? 

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