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Leaf Pattern Design
Leaf Pattern Design

Camera, Sound, Action...set life stills...

From a young age, Genesis's passion for the violin has been evident. It is only as he becomes of age that he makes a decision to establish his 'becoming a man'. In the wake of his decision, he impacts the lives of his sister Olivia, his mother and father, and others around him.  Genesis's parents (Rose and Johnny "Red" Walker), have their own struggles in their marriage as they work though relationship challenges within their own home and family. These added life moments induce pressures which can cause hearts and souls to fracture and break.​ Can this family, like any family, endure past the faults and fractures and still discover hope?  Can love and forgiveness, like a knock on the door, be opened up and found in brokenness? Sometimes fractures moments in shattered lives when placed in the right hands can produce a beautiful mosaic.​  Maybe through the eyes of another can beauty be seen, beyond what seems impossible, beyond our broken, as a source of hope as revealed in this short film...'Mosaics Symphony'

Mosaics Symphony 

Walker Family_edited.jpg
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